Hello Spotted Dog Art Group Members,

Well done to all those that completed the Lockdown Challenge 2020. I was truly impressed by the range and quality of the work produced. It was lovely to see so many styles and the stages of progress. I think it shows what the Spotted Dog Art Group is all about; having a go, and having fun! Because the Lockdown Challenge was such a success the committee thought it would be good to continue with a challenge, but with a theme. So the Committee has set you another challenge to produce art work with the theme "In the Garden".

As before it can be of any art work- finished or otherwise.
It can be stage by stage photo's eg. week 1, week2 etc. (posting the photo each week).
It does not have to have a title. You could have a running commentary if you wanted- "..working on the trees this week.." etc.
You could photo your quick sketches and ideas for a painting.
I am hoping that people will regularly view the website and see what members are doing. Perhaps giving some inspiration to others.

1. Take a photo of your painting/art work. On your mobile or ipad is fine.
2. Email to Geoff Charlwood: geoff_charlwood@yahoo.co.uk (don't forget to add your name).
3. View the website: http://www.spotteddogart.org.uk

We are not looking for an old school gallery of work, but a running commentary of the work our members are doing at these times. To keep us interested and perhaps not feel quite so isolated. Lets get those paint brushes out!

Do take care everyone, and if you do need anything please shout out, we can help each other through this!